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  1. Hov church


    Hovsbakken 6
    2860, Hov

    HOV ST. ANDREAS, gnr. 60 Hov søndre (Hov parish) Near the end of the 16th century you could call Hov church an annex of Land main church. An older…

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  2. Historical Hadeland


    Søndre Ringåsen 44
    2750, Gran

    Historiske og kulturelle perler på en snor, unike overnattingssteder og lokale gårdsbutikker. Alt tett forbundet.

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  3. Ringsaker church


    Storgata 550
    2390, Moelv

    Ringsaker church, built around 1150, is one of Norway's lagers and most authentic medieval churches. It also boasts a position among the only 5…

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  4. Skute church


    Vestsidevegen 1901
    2860, Hov

    About Skute church​​​​​ Skute church was drawn by Ole Stein and consecrated in 1095. It's strongly influenced by the form and construction techniques…

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  5. Enger church


    Randsfjordvegen 1447
    2866, Enger

    About Enger church in Søndre Land Enger church is a long-church dating back to 1875 and is a result of the explosive population growth of the 19th…

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  6. Fluberg church


    Kirkebakka 30
    2862, Fluberg

    About Fluberg kirke Fluberg church is a notched cross church from 1703 with a tower in the West and a sacristy North of the quire. The church has…

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  7. Landåsbygda church


    Nysætervegen 1
    2861, Landåsbygda

    About Landåsbygda kirke Landåsbygda church was built in 1965 by the drawings of architect Per Nordan. The church sports a separate tower and…

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  8. Hoff church


    Tømmerholsvegen 313
    2850, Lena

    Hoff church is a medieval church along the pilgrim trail St. Olav Ways, built between 1150 and 1200. It is the main church in Østre Toten. It was…

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  9. Biri church


    Øverbygdsvn. 85
    2836, Biri

    Dating back to 1777, Biri church is a timber building with an area of 500 square metres with seating for 450 people.
    The church regularly performs…

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  10. Hadeland Folkemuseum


    Kongevegen 92
    2770, Jaren

    Visit idyllic Hadeland Folkemuseum and get a glimpse of everyday life from the past. The open air museum contains more than 30 buildings from the…

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  11. Søsterkirkene - A landmark


    2750, Gran

    Søsterkirkene – the Sisters Churches - on Granavollen are an impressive landmark and have a mysterious history. Two churches are placed next to each…

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  12. Balke church


    Kjørkelinna 187
    2848, Skreia

    Balke church is the main church for the parish of Balke. It has an imposing position in the landscape and is visible from afar. Around 4,200 people…

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  13. Gjøvik church


    Svolders gate
    2815, Gjøvik

    Gjøvik church (1882) is a timber church. It is one of just a few built in the neo-gothic style, and is therefore a listed building. The church has a…

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  14. Aas church


    Gimlevegen 155
    2846, Bøverbru

    Aas church is a cruciform church built in the Romanesque style. It was built in 1921 from stone and timber. It was designed by architect Henry Bucher…

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  15. Norderhov Church


    3512, Hønefoss

    Norderhov kirke er en korskirke fra 1170 som ligger på Norderhov i Ringerike kommune i Buskerud. Frem til en ombygging i 1881 hadde kirken vesttårn,…

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  16. Seegård Church


    Seegårdsveien 106
    2838, Snertingdal

    Seegård church was designed by Arne Thorsrud and inaugurated in 1997. The actual church can seat 260 people. In addition, there is special room for…

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  17. Old Tingelstad church (St. Petri)


    Kongevegen 88
    2770, Jaren

    Old Tingelstad church is a typical Romanesque rural church, with simple details and semi-circular arches. It is a typical long church built in stone.…

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  18. Lunner church


    2730, Lunner

    In the 12th century, a small stone church was built at Lunnertoppen. The location was the site an ancient settlement, as evidenced by the burial…

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  19. Hønefoss Church


    Kirkegata 12
    3510, Hønefoss

    A quick history roundup of Hønefoss church Hønefoss church is a church on Sørsiden in Hønefoss city in Ringerike municipality. The church was wedged…

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  20. Jevnaker church


    Nord for Jevnaker
    langs E16
    3520, Jevnaker

    Jevnaker church is situated in Prestmoen, with views of the Randsfjorden lake and the town centre. It was previously the site of a stone church,…

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